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December 13, 2009

Web Services Content Management System

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Laubacher Multimedia’s Content Management System is in it’s third year of production and is gaining popularity. The system is incredibly easy to implement for designers and very flexible for developers.

Take our basic Web Page Content Management. Users edit parts of their web pages using an HTML editor. They can create versions and publish when they are ready. To implement it the designer or developer spends about 5 minutes setting up the page in the back end. Then the system provides copy/paste code for inserting the system into their page.

The nice thing is that, because it’s a service-based system, the client side can be PHP, Cold Fusion, ASP, or .NET. It doesn’t matter. Just copy and paste the code of your choice. Here is an example of a .NET implementation.

Place this code somewhere on the page. This sets up the connection to the XML source.

<asp:XmlDataSource runat='server' EnableCaching='False' id='PageContent1' DataFile='' XPath='responseXML'></asp:XmlDataSource>

Code for Title and META tags (inside of head)

<asp:Repeater runat='server' id='DataList1' DataSourceID='PageContent1'>
<meta name='keywords' content='<%#XPath("page/keywords")%>' />
<meta name='description' content='<%#XPath("page/description")%>' />
<meta name='Author' content='<%#XPath("page/author")%>' />

Code for Content – How do I get to Content Management? – Put this whereever you want the content to appear on your page.

<asp:DataList runat='server' id='DataList2' DataSourceID='PageContent1'>

This is just one example of an implementation for just one of our modules. We have a calendar system, a membership management system, email marketing, blog, FAQ manager, photo gallery manager, and much more.

Call us for a free demo and walkthrough.